About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Cherri but some call me Cher, some call me.... well I'll just leave those *other* names out and let you decide for yourself. Although I go by both names, I'm only one person wishing I could clone myself. DOUBLE TROUBLE! lol Doesn't that sound fun tho!?

Cher's Passion is: ART, making stuff, being creative, photography, graphic design, illustration, and nature.  Cher's Passion is also the name I use for my Etsy shop, twitter, facebook, and all the other sites I desperately try to keep up with on my beloved, old and slow as crap G4 Mac.

Yea, my photo here is old, for those of you who know I'm not that skinny anymore, but hey it's my blog I can do that :0)

Ok to the more serious stuff! I'm a Baltimorian, not to be mistaken with Baltimoron. There's a difference! I may talk like the typical Baltimoron, but what lies beneath the red hair and Leo attitude is multifaceted and complex. I've lived in Baltimore most of my life, minus 10 years in Virginia.

I believe I was born an Artist, but have learned many crafts survival being #1. I've been to Hell -n- back, cursed the devil out, and have seen Heaven with my own two eyes and feet firmly planted on earth, without psychedelic drugs. I've never touched them I swear, no matter how crazy I can be sometimes, it's the truth.

Art is not only my passion but my escape, it's my saving grace and self expression when words can't convey.

Every piece I create, tells something about myself. Mother Nature is often my muse. She plays a huge role in my life, whether to seek balance, find peace, figure things out, or look for inspiration. She never fails me :0) Butterflies are incredibly symbolic to me and will be a pretty consistent theme in my creations.

Unlike something machine made, I believe every work of art has it's own personality. It tells it's own story, and as it changes hands, the pages of it's story are further written.

My heart and soul go into each piece of art I create. In my work you will find original concepts incorporated in something similar you may have seen before, but you'll notice the difference right away. Like my transformed cigar boxes for instance. You won't see one smidgen of stolen art decoupaged on ANYTHING I create! However, once in a blue moon I will be inspired by something and change it to make it my own.

While machines may offer precise perfection (most of the time), each piece of handmade art offers unique characteristics. Like with people, some call it a birth mark, others call it a beauty mark. With the right eyes (imho) each mark is a beauty mark. I say this because I see the flaws in my art and myself more clearly than anyone else could point out. I'm not a machine, I'm a human that makes art.

I delight in the completion of each piece I create, and may come off as braggy to some. I take pride in things I create, like I've given birth to it and want to show it off. And by the looks of my craft spot in my room, it's almost as messy! lol (no blood I swear!)

I hope my blog brings new friends, and homes for my beloved creations. Although it's akin to giving away your favorite childhood toy, I hope each work of art finds an appreciative home to continue it's story.

my childhood teddy bear