Sunday, August 1, 2010


"If there's any message to my work, it is ultimately that it’s OK to be different, that it’s good to be different, that we should question ourselves before we pass judgment on someone who looks different, behaves different, talks different, is a different color." ~ Johnny Depp

"Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” ~ Rabindranath Tagore

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.”
 ~Vincent van Gogh

"Sit in reverie, and watch the changing color of the waves that break upon the idle seashore of the mind." ~Henry Wadswworth Longfellow


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today's Quote

We could learn a lot from crayons; some are sharp, some are pretty, some are dull, while others bright, some have weird names, but they all have learned to live together in the same box.  ~Robert Fulghum

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Bee

With summertime my creativity has taken on new directions. It all started with finding a really cool piece of driftwood while walking on a nearby beach. That one piece led me to a whole bunch of new ideas! I'm enjoying creating art from my growing collection of driftwood and including mixed media such as beads, wire, and glass pebbles. I'm finding that recycling driftwood is a very versatile medium! Since there's a lot of wood chips and dust from carving and sanding, I'm working outside in the screen house. Picnic table covered in art supplies; paints, wood carving tools, beads, wire... me covered in wood dust and sweat, and my days off go too too fast!

I've always been interested in learning how to wood carve, so last week I tried my hand at it with a piece of driftwood. I carved the body, did a little pyrography for details, and added wire and glass bead for wings. He turned out quite cute if I must say so myself. Since then I've also done a butterfly, and a more involved carving of a hummingbird.

Cobalt Blue Dragonfly-Driftwood

Carved Driftwood Hummingbird

I've checked out other sellers on Etsy who use the driftwood tag, and found some beautiful work, but it seems no one coats their pieces with a finish... ? I started out using Polyurethane THEN realized it doesn't protect for outdoor display. I've since switched to Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane which is specifically for exterior wood, and this stuff ain't cheep! Driftwood that isn't hard all the way through soaks it up like a sponge, therefore some pieces need several coats. On those works my prices reflect the added protection. I try to construct each piece so that it will last and provide my customers with many years of enjoyment.

As my ideas and creations evolve I hope to be found by customers who appreciate true one of a kind art that's nature based, often whimsical and always unique. :0)

Thus far I've had 9 sales in my Etsy shop! WHOOO HOOOO! To celebrate my 10th sale, that customer will receive 10% off their purchase (not including shipping).

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thursday's Quote of the Day

The butterfly counts not months but moments, and has time enough.
~Rabindranath Tagore

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday's Quote of the Day

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will." ~George Bernard Shaw

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday's Quote of the Day

One must work and dare if one really wants to live.  ~Vincent van Gogh

Driftwood Mania

Dad calls me, "The Gatherer" LOL I came home today with my front passenger seat full of driftwood collected from the local beach. If I had another couple of arms or had thought to take a bag with me I'd have come home with even more. My mind is swirling with ideas for these pieces. Some of them I knew instantly what they would be transformed into, others will have to percolate a bit. I worked on one tonight and am figuring out what to embellish it with, then it will be listed under a new category in my Etsy shop.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Juggling Time

My new job is going wonderful! It's the most rewarding and meaningful employment I've ever had. Yesterday was my last day of training, today I fly on my own. My exit training review was excellent which adds to my confidence, however I'm a tad bit nervous about keeping an eye on the time throughout the day, as I have three sessions today and don't want to be late.

I've not given up on my own art :0) as usual I have several things going at once. One piece that I'm excited to complete is a transformed cigar box into a wall clock. No pics yet, but it will have repurposed tin with embossing, inlaid into the wood on the sides.

I've made a few more chunky rings, but haven't listed them yet in my Etsy shop, I do have pics of those so I'll give you a sneak peek :0)

Also in the works are a few carvings, a few wood cigar boxes, and I'm trying out carving driftwood. My goal is to make a gnome for Dad as a Father's Day gift. My practice piece is pretty small, so I think I need to find a much larger piece and then it will be easier to get detail.

Time to get ready for work! Have a great Tuesday everyone! :0)

Tuesday's Quote of the Day

"If one dream should fall and break into a thousand pieces,
never be afraid to pick one of those pieces up and begin again. "
~Flavia Weedn

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday's Quote of the Day

"I've caught this magical landscape and it's the enchantment of it that I'm so keen to render. Of course lots of people will protest that it's quite unreal, but that's just too bad."
~Calude Monet 

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday's Quote of The Day

”An artist's early work is inevitably made up of a mixture of tendencies and interests, some of which are compatible and some of which are in conflict. As the artist picks his way along, rejecting and accepting as he goes, certain patterns of inquiry emerge. His failures are as valuable as his successes: by misjudging one thing he conforms something else, even if at the time he does not know what that something else is.” ~Bridget Riley

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Quote Of The Day

”Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature into his pictures.”  ~Henry Ward Beecher

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artist Interview with Wendy Hannaford ~ TWC RePURRposed Gallery

Wendy was the first Artist I met outside of the RePURRposed Gallery. She and Kira had arrived early, we waited with excitement until we were welcomed inside by Brittany, one of the talented event organizers and our contact person. Although my sister Karen and I only traveled 3 hours to New York from Baltimore, it felt like a long journey to me until Wendy said she flew in from California. Here we are just inside the gallery space, our excitement is VERY contained! :0)

How did you hear about the Together We Can project?

I heard about the Together we can project with the casting call on the Friskies site.

Where did you travel from to attend the gallery event?

I traveled from Carlsbad California to attend the event.

Has your art been in a gallery show before?

Yes My art has been in a Show, but not in NYC!

Had you previously used recyclable materials in your art or was this a whole new medium for you?

Yes this was a whole new medium for me, but I have been wanting and thinking of doing this for a long time (I just didn't think it would be Cat food cans!! SMILE)

How many cat food cans did you use to create your piece?

I used About 38 cans.

I'm a big fan of anything symmetrical. Wendy's use of the repeated flowers in a symmetrical pattern  is easy and relaxing on the eyes. It's so pretty! and I love the embellishment with feathers and rhinestones. They really add a royalty spoiled feel to the white cat.

How did you choose the idea for the art you submitted?

I wrote out about four pages of idea's to start, but as I started to lay them out in different configurations, I just loved the flower's, and thought it was perfect since the idea is to preserve and protect nature by recycling the pet food cans "Leave only Paw Print's".

What other efforts do you make to decrease your carbon footprint?

I recycle, reuse, re-purpose everything, buy used when ever its appropriate, have a mulch pile in my garden, buy local at the farmers market when I can (or grow my own). I have energy star appliance's, and energy fluorescent light bulb's in my home. I would love to have solar panels and an electric car, but haven't gotten there yet!

What are your current adventures as an Artist?

Right now I am writing a book on Nature and Fantasy crafts.

Describe yourself using 5 words.

ME using five words? Creator, designer, heart, mind, soul.

Who or what influences your art?

The earth, all living things and ecosystems, beauty, fantasy, colors, joy and spirit. Sometimes its a message.

How has this experience affected you?

I loved the Together We Can  experience from start to finish. I will do more recycled art, and do some of the things I thought about before. I also think I will make some recycled art for my home!! Starting with a cat food can art piece for my living room above the fireplace! And I will add some recycle choice's into my book as well. I was raised in the Sierra club, hiking camping, canoeing, kayaking in the mountains and on the beach. I hiked the entire John Muir Trail by the time I was 12. I was raised with "Leave only foot prints" When you spend a lot of time outdoors you really realize how your actions affect the animals and nature.

It was  a real pleasure meeting and talking with you Wendy, and thanks so much for allowing me to interview you. Good luck with your book, be sure to let us know when it's published! I am certainly interested in reading it, as some of my art leans toward fantasy, and Nature is a very prevalent muse. I look forward to and hope you share any future art you create with cat food cans! :0)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

High on Life!

Well I've sure been caught up in a whirlwind of activity lately! Right after my return from the RePURRPosed Gallery event, I interviewed for a job that I was praying hard I'd get. My first day was this Monday. My title is Art Therapy Specialist, and I am in love!

There have been previous jobs that I liked ok, enjoyed aspects of it, and then there were those I ended up hating with a vengeance. This is my dream job! I'm working with the elderly in retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. I conduct art therapy workshops at 7 different facilities, three days a week. This month the project is painting in a monochromatic theme (one color mixed with black and white to create different shades)

Already I am learning things from these sweet people that I can't even put into words quite yet, but will as soon as I can! Despite their medical conditions or level of functioning, most all of them have a willing smile, share their humor and show their appreciation in such meaningful ways. I feel so very blessed to have this job, particularly because of it's bottom line purpose; to bring joy, relaxation and pleasure to these people's day.

I've always believed that you can learn so much from the elderly, after all they've been around a while and have seen many things. I look forward to sharing and passing on gifts of inspiration as I receive them.

Now that I've written my update, I'm off to format two Artist interviews for publishing here on my blog. They'll be posted soon, so keep an eye out :0)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Interview with Camille Olive ~participating Artist in the Together We Can RePURRPosed Gallery

Camille Olive's Mr. Kitty is captivating! Every time I looked at it, I saw another detail I hadn't seen previously. When I look at any art, I ask myself, "How did they do that!?"  Mostly I can figure it out, but Mr. Kitty had me stumped and left me with more and more questions. Questions I was too excited to think of asking at the show, but questions we all now have answers to here in her inspiring interview!

How  did you hear about the Together We Can project?

I heard about the Together We Can project from the Friskies' website and signed up. (I never thought that I would be chosen to do a scuplture out of cat food cans)

Where did you travel from to attend the gallery event?

I traveled from North Central Pennsylvania - Lewisburg. Bucknell University is located here.

Has your art been in a gallery show before?

I have never had my art in a gallery before, perhaps because I do it as a hobby only, not a serious career venture.

Had you previously used recyclable materials  in your art or was this a whole new medium for you?

I use recycled materials in my sculptures as often as possible, last year I made a dragon costume for my son, the paper mache head was fashioned from a shoe box, old newspapers, two ping pong balls, plastic bottles, and insulating foam. His body was left over green material I had laying around the house. I re-use boxes, plastic bottles, and old newspapers in nearly every project . The dragon came with a ten foot tall castle fashioned from a refrigerator box complete with a working drawbridge with faux wood grained planks!

What other efforts do you make to decrease your carbon footprint?

We turn our heat down to 56 degrees at night in the winter - 64 degrees during the day. We recycle plastic store bags - they are a petroleum by product after all. We have a recycle drop off that takes old computers, cell phones, clothing and textiles, as well as plastics, glass, metal - including old refrigerators and stoves. We always give the usable cast-offs to the Salvation Army for resale in their stores - they use old plastic grocery bags too. I also design and send out a Christmas cards to the President at the White House - I have done this four times, and have received an official White House Christmas card and two signed letters in response.

I also recycle newspapers, vegetable peelings, egg shells, coffee grounds and filters, into my compost pile in my garden. Banana peels do wonders for flowering shrubs!

How many cat food cans did you use to create your piece?

I used over fifty cat food cans for my piece - mostly the labels though. I may have used at least twenty Friskies and Fancy Feast cans combined. I donated over thirty cans to the local SPCA and two bags of dry Friskies food to complete the ensemble.

How did you choose the idea for the art you submitted?

I had to look at my beginning sculpture - an empty plastic milk bottle, and a one liter soda bottle for a week or so before I "saw" the sculpture within. I nearly glued my self to the piece on more than one occasion. I was thrilled that someone actually liked my "Mr. Kitty" sculpture, it made my day, my week, and maybe even my entire 2010.

I have painted an ocean scene on all of the walls in our bathroom. Sea turtles glide across the blue swirls, with a group of seahorses and grouper fish following after. Sea weed tendrils rise up off of the "ocean" floor where a wiley crab waits. Our downstairs bathroom has a bas relief tree trunk and leaves, with grass lining the bottom edge of the floor and a flower garden sprouting out of the green blades. A robin's nest in one of the upper branches. My art reflects my mood at that moment, which is why it is always unpredictable. I have dabbled with the craft since I was a small child - spending many summers in art classes while my friends went to the pool.

Describe yourself using 5 words:

I would describe myself thusly - adventurous, witty, willing to take a chance - with some limits of course, compassionate, and sometimes a perfectionist to a fault.

Who or what influences your art?

Sometimes it is good to go back to the basics and study the old masters to get a real free for the craft.

How has this experience affected you?

Being chosen for the Friskies RePURRposed Gallery project made me realize that I still could produce something akin to art if I just made an effort to allow my creative juices to flow unrestricted. Most people would not guess that I submitted a design for both the World Trade Center Memorial and the Flight 93 Memorial competitions - I wasn't selected to design either site but it was still a tremendous honor to participate.

How can someone find you online if they are interested in finding out more about your art?

I can be found tooling around facebook if anyone has any questions for me.

To bid on Camille's "Mr. Kitty" follow this link.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Interview with Kira Kuck ~participating Artist in the Together We Can RePURRPosed Gallery

Kira Kuck was one of the first participating Artists I met when my sister and I arrived at 201 Mulberry Street in SoHo New York for this exciting event. We have since been in touch via facebook and have shared our excitement over being involved in such a fun and worthy cause. Interviewing the Artists I've since connected with online is a way to know and inform others more about them, their art, and aspirations as an Artist.  Our names can't possibly compete or command attention like the celebrities involved, but in our own right, each of us felt a bit like a celebrity that night.

Cheers to all the exceptional Artists who participated, and on with Kira's engaging interview!

How  did you hear about the Together We Can project?

"Surprisingly from my Mom.  I say surprisingly because my Mom isn't the most internet savvy person, God bless her, but she was a member of Purina's website and received the information from the website and an email.  My Mom told me that I should apply because I love to paint and more importantly I LOVE my Cats! At first, I thought that I didn't have a chance to become an artist for the purpose, but when I received an phone call from an unknown number, I quickly returned the call, and it was Brittany contacting me to take part!"

Where did you travel from to attend the gallery event?

"I traveled from my apartment in New York City.  I was thankfully located just a hop skip and a jump from the gallery event."

Has your art been in a gallery show before?

"Back about 10 years ago, I participated in several galleries in my home town of Yorktown, Va.  In high school, I was very fortunate to be studying under a wonderful art teacher Marcy Avery, who had numerous connections and opportunities for her students.  As a result, she was able to enter our work into numerous galleries and competitions.  My art is on display at Grace Episcopal Church, which was built in 1697, and I have a 92ft mural at York High School also in Yorktown, Va."

Had you previously used recyclable materials  in your art or was this a whole new medium for you?

"Incorporating the metal cans into my art work was a new medium for me.  In fact it presented it's own set of challenges of how to incorporate the cans while maintaining the integrity of the artwork and making it flow seamlessly into the art without being distracting or obtrusive."

How many cat food cans did you use to create your piece?

"I used the lids from 10 Fancy Feast cans as well as several of the labels."

How did you choose the idea for the art you submitted?

"My idea came to me in a dream, literally.  I woke up several times during the night and early morning the day that I had set aside to paint.  At first, I wanted to use the entire cans on the canvas, but then I couldn't figure out a way to do this without it looking messy, so I decided to just use the lids. I kept waking up with ideas, colors, and placement on the canvas.  I have always been inspired by Andy Warhol and his use of commercial images in a repetitious and fun way inspired me to use the same approach with the Fancy Feast cans.  I wanted to create something that was bright, fun, and it all started to come together.  I named my piece "Milo's Heaven" and was inspired by my rescue cat Milo.  Milo runs, sits on command, and meows for Fancy Feast, his needs and desires in his little life are fueled by his appetite.  I figured that Milo's true heaven would be an endless supply of food, so I thought the title was fitting for what I was trying to accomplish."

What other efforts do you make to decrease your carbon footprint?

"I recycle... EVERYTHING.  I also am neurotic about turning off lights and water.  I am also a vegetarian for animal reasons, but also due to the lesser energy required to produce the items that I consume."

What are your current  adventures as an Artist?

"Trying to figure that out! My dream has always been to be an artist and unfortunately I pursued Chemical Engineering in school and went on a path out of college into a very technical field and now I'm in another corporate job.  I have been trying to paint and create on my spare time and figure out a way how to launch myself as an artist.  Right now, I am reaching out to my friends with pets to use them as subjects to build a portfolio... we'll see what happens or
what path presents, but I can say I'm darned determined!!"

Describe yourself using 5 words:

"Intellectual, Eclectic, Eccentric, Honest, Spontaneous"

Who  or what influences your art?

"Andy Warhol. Warhol's ability to take simple icons, imagery, and elements from society and turn them into art while almost laughing at society at the same time was genius."

 How has this experience affected you?

"This experience has affected me in a tremendous way, many of the feelings that I experienced can not be described in words.  First, I was able to meet like minded individuals fueled by their passion for their art and their cats and for once in a long time I felt comfort and support in a network of really incredible people.  I have always lacked confidence in my artistic ability despite the constant encouragement and support that I have always received from my family and close friends.  I always kid with my parents that they say they love my art because I am their kid and they are being good parents, they always laugh when I say this.  But in all honesty, to see strangers looking (with interest) at what I created and generating kind comments, I can't even describe the feeling that it evoked from me.  For once, I received the motivation and confidence that I needed to validate myself as an "artist." Even having a name tag at the event that even said my name with "artist" underneath was incredible.  To know that my art is bringing awareness for a good cause and a large initiative was further reinforcing.  This event reignited my passion for art and proved to me what had been buried in my soul for 10 years, that I must pursue my dream."

How can someone find you online if they are interested in finding out more about your art?

I am currently working on creating a website, but until then either Facebook or email is the best way to contact me.  My email address is

To bid on Kira's "Milo's Heaven" follow this link.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Featured on Etsy's Storque Blog!

neonmorgan of the Etsy Community department, (specifically with the Teams section) wrote a fabulous article for the Storque "Etsy Teams GO GREEN"! Myself, Bottlehood and Ira Mency our Recyclers Guild team leader are featured in her article. More great "green" teams are in the article as well, check it out for some great recycling inspiration!

RePURRposed Gallery (part 3)

As other Artists, Guests, and Celebs arrived, we went to each piece of art and viewed them with amazement in our eyes. So many different techniques, and creative vision went into each. In the packets snail mailed to us there were a few guidelines, and coupons for several dozen cans of free Purina brand cat food. We could use 10 of any size or combination of cans so long as they were Friskies or Fancy Feast.

I used exactly 10 cans in my piece and a few label parts, but some artists used many of both labels and cans. Like Camille Olive's piece and one of my favorites! I just love all the detail and her use of the labels. Camille resides in Pennsylvania, and was there with her charming daughter who lives in NYC. Had great conversation with both of them.

For the fur, she cut the tin in strips and curled it. This must have been very time consuming and really shows how much care she put into creating this adorable fishing cat.

The gallery event was so much fun! The Friskies team had a bunch of surprises and really went above and beyond to make it extra special for us Artists who participated. Here the Friskies & Fancy Feast teams share that each Artist will get a gift basket and a $200 American Express gift card! We could choose between a FF or Friskies basket. I chose the FF basket with the glass Christmas tree topper inside. The Friskies basket had flip flops and note pads, and both baskets were filled with cans of cat food. We were also given a green gift bag with the Purina brand logos printed on the front, with MORE FREE cat food coupons! and an adorable cat toy inside.

My cats Simon & Jaz thank you for the toy and all the yummy delicious food! My sister even got a bag too! My cats never like me going away and always have a bit of an attitude when I return, so bearing gifts this time sure remedied that! :0)

I exchanged cards/contact information with several of the Artists I mingled with throughout the evening, and we've since connected on facebook. In a conversation sharing our mega fun experience, Wendy Hannaford said, "I feel like Purina took such good care of us, I feel so SPOILED!" I must agree with you Wendy!

Everyone involved was so friendly, and obviously very talented and dedicated to organize such an amazing event. It was a real pleasure meeting Brittany and a few of the other people involved after emailing and talking with them on the phone. I met so many cool people! Kahi Lee from HGTV's Design on a Dime, hosted the event and even participated with her own art from cat food cans. My camera battery pooped out before she arrived so unfortunately I didn't get any photos of her or her cool Dr. Suess-ish lamp. Google, there are pics of the event all over the place :0) and tomorrow selected works will go up for auction on Ebay! Money from the sales go to KAB (Keep America Beautiful). Read the full press release here.

More about this awesome event Coming Soooon!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

RePURRposed Gallery (part 2)

My sister Karen and I took a taxi part of the way toward SoHo where the event was being held. I've never visited New York as an adult, so we did a LOT of walking so I could really experience the city up close. Hell on the feet but WOW! SoHo was such a cool area, I knew instantly that one day I'll have to return and explore it more!

Part of me wanted to linger and take photos, peek in the interesting shops along the way, yet at the same time I wanted to speed walk right to Mulberry Street. I've been SO excited for weeks now in anticipation of this event, I just couldn't wait to get there! Brittany really upped the excitement when she called to confirm our attendance and teased that there would be some surprises!

We knew we had arrived as soon as we saw the chalk paw prints on the sidewalk out front of the building. Such a clever idea! They really did think of everything!

We arrived about fifteen minutes early, just enough time to sit around the corner and change out of our sneakers. I wondered the whole time I was there HOW women can walk around NYC in high heels and not break their necks!??  While we waited out front we watched the activity inside. Photographers taking photos of the art, last minute details being put into place, and THERE! just down the steps on the next level, in the middle I saw MY CATS! They are so brightly colored they loudly meowed, "Here I am!" 

Outside we met a few of the other Artists participating in the gallery. Local Artist Kira Alexis Kuck accompanied by her Dad, and Wendy Hannaford who traveled all the way from California! We snapped a few photos by the window display, and before we knew it, Brittany Allan was greeting us and we were going inside.

Here I am with fellow participating Artist, Wendy Hannaford just after we put our name tags on. Posing in a respectable manner was difficult when what I really wanted to do was jump up and down and yell, "OMG! I'm really here!" All the composure really disguises the incredible amount of excitement that has built up over the weeks leading to this day. 

My art has never been in a gallery before, other than the student shows I was forced to participate in during my college years. It's never fun for me doing things that don't hold importance. Like the name I use here for my blog, facebook, and Etsy shop; Cher's Passion. Art and any cause aimed to improve people's lives or our environment, are things I can freely apply my passion to. This is living a good life to me, making a difference, is meaningful and well worthwhile.

My crazy cats have made people laugh and that alone is an accomplishment of doing something meaningful. Laughter IS the best medicine. These cats hold hints of my real cat's personalities, but some of mine too. They show how silly I can be sometimes, and boldly state how much I love color. Irregardless of how "Hilarious" they are, they also tell a personal story of hardship and dreams, perseverance and love.

More coming soon! 


Friday, April 16, 2010

Friskies RePURRposed Gallery Event (part 1)

There is SO much to share, and so much to catch up on after being away for a few days, so I'm going to do it in medium sized chunks :0)

In the meantime, I've uploaded photos of the event on my facebook fan page, a few videos too. One video is still processing and I've a few more to upload yet.

Keep checking back for more updates!

Friskies Photo Booth

Karen & I in Friskies photo booth at the RePURRposed Gallery ... on Twitpic My sister Karen and I at the RePURRposed Gallery event in SoHo New York on April 14th. SOOOO much fun!

------>More updates on all the fun at the gallery coming soon!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

!!E:A:R:T:H: D:A:Y: S:A:L:E!!

!!E:A:R:T:H: D:A:Y: S:A:L:E!!

All items in the section Earth Day Sale are 10% off until next week!

:0) Happy Earth Day Everyone

Saturday, April 10, 2010

New York Here I Come!

In just three days, no wait, it's past midnight (AGAIN I'm up late!) so two days, Tuesday, I'm off to New York with my sister Karen to see my cats!

Awww I miss my can cats! Halia was the first one I made, then came Kilikolopi (not sure that's spelled right, but it means Christopher in Hawaiian. In memory of my son. I know he's close by, I'm seeing the number 21 EVERYWHERE again! and he's happy that all these good things are happening for me, it's about time right yo! :0)

I got a phone call on Friday to confirm our attendance at the gallery event, and she hinted to some surprises! I am SO freakin excited!

I've not been to NY since I was a kid, my sister has been many times, so she's gonna show me around. On Tuesday evening we're going to see the play, Next to Normal. And early Wednesday I am hoping to get over to visit the Etsy Lab. I'd love to meet some of the folks over there and see where all the magic happens! Now that will be something cool to blog about! A fun packed few days.

Today I made a new banner (the green one with the blue butterfly on here) and avatar set for the Etsy team I belong to. Getting a lot of nice feedback on it, so decided to offer a deal for fellow ERG (Etsy Recyclers Guild) team members. Check out the discussion page on our team's facebook for more info, and I'll be posting it here soon. Ira built the page not even a week ago, and members are starting to pop on over and check it out. A few have posted pics of their shop items, come check it out!

Signing off for some much needed sleep :0)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Etsy Brings Two Artists Together

F:E:A:T:U:R:E:D :O:N :E:T:S:Y'S :S:T:O:R:Q:U:E :B:L:O:G!

In January of 2010, I found the Etsy Recyclers Guild team and contacted Ira Mency the team’s leader about joining. She was so welcoming and over the months we sent convos back n forth and began getting to know one another. We soon discovered that we live just a few miles from each other right here in Baltimore! and knew we had to meet face to face one day. When things like this happen, it really makes me feel like the world is small.

Today we had our first meet n greet, with no solid plans on what we were going to do, we said we’d figure it out as we went. She suggested the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM) and said she’d never been, but has always wanted to go. I’ve been many times, but not in the last 4 years or so. They always have new exhibits, so I knew I’d see lots of new art that I hadn’t seen on previous visits, and was excited to go there again. In the little time I’ve known Ira, I knew right away that she’d love the place! If you love art, and are even remotely local to Baltimore, the AVAM is a MUST see! Nancy Novogrod of CNN is quoted on AVAM’s website as saying, “ of the most fantastic museums anywhere in America.” If you’re too far, check out their website, it’s loaded with information about the museum and fun quirky images of art.

AVAM also has an awesome gift shop too, and their prices are inexpensive. Ira found lots of little goodies to add to her next creation which is no doubt swirling around in her head in excited planning as I write this!

On the second floor of the Tall Sculpture Barn, there was a computer box thingamajig where you could sit and record a video message. I goaded Ira into us doing one, only she had to do the talking and despite her protests she did a GREAT job! Maybe she has some news casting experience... :0) It's like she was a real pro! She introduced us both, talked about being green, challenged viewers to use trash to create art, and invited viewers to visit the Recyclers Guild team on Etsy. And we were even able to save our little video so that other museum visitors could view it!

Ira, I think you can add PR Pro to your long list of talents! YOU ROCKED IT GIRL!

The entire day, we never ran out of things to talk about. I really enjoyed Ira’s company, sense of humor and her passionate drive to promote the team. Throughout our visit to the AVAM we were inspired by many works of art, but were primarily drawn to these Artists, Gayleen Aiken, Monsieur Gauimier, Kevin Sampson, Athlone Clarke. And Shawn Theron who’s works were featured in the upstairs restaurant Mr Rain's Fun House where we had a fantastically divine lunch.  The charming Maria seated us and checked on us throughout our meal. The food was superb, the service attentive and the decor seemed to be an extension of AVAM, as there was really cool art everywhere, but very tastefully displayed.

Although the weather is unseasonably hot for this time of year we opted to dine outside on the 3rd floor deck so we could get an up close view of the Giant Whirligig high above the Sculpture Plaza.  Watching it's spinning and twirling parts, with Federal Hill in the background was so relaxing.

Good company, sunny weather, awesome art, and good food, what more could you ask for? We really had a great time, and I look forward to hanging out with Ira more in the near future. I have a good feeling that I’ve made a new friend. Thank you Ira for a wonderful day!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shop Green

I belong to a GREAT Etsy team (Etsy Recyclers Guild), where all the members use recyclable materials in their creations. In our team you will find the perfect gift, decor, functional items, jewelry, art and more. Everything is handmade!

For a quick look see, take a look at our current treasury featuring a bunch of my fellow team members.

Also here's a very informative article about our team and it's members, and our team blog has a list of all our team member's shops on Etsy.

Happy Green shopping!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two Dolls

My beautiful niece and a doll I made for my Etsy shop. Progress photos are in previous posts. This doll started as a mushroom can :0) Will hopefully be able to list it later tomorrow.

Friday, April 2, 2010

It's not just a blog

  • create the blog
  • blog on the blog
  • RSS, Atom, feedburner, google reader........
All this new stuff to learn! And to think I used to be the one everyone came to for internet/computer advice LOL I'm so far behind the times, my Dad has a cell phone that he can watch tv on, and my 7 yro niece had a forkin cell phone! I don't want either, I just want a brand spankin new Mac that runs on mach speed! oh and a shoulder massage for my aches!

Callin it a night

Earth Day 2010

What are you doing for  EarthDay2010
Check out EarthDay2010 on twitter and tweet what you are doing to keep America beautiful.

I know I've written about this here, on facebook and on twitter already, but I'm SO excited I have to keep talking about it!

I'll be in New York with my sister Karen on Earth Day (April 14th) for the RePURRposed gallery event. My cat food can, cat inspired art will be IN the show! Check out more photos of my submission on my flickr.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blog Inspired

Although I've contemplated creating a blog to write about my Etsy shop, I've avoided doing it because I generally am not in a writing mood. Seems like today I am lol. I wanted to add and thank that Everything Etsy was what gave me the final shove into the blogging world.

Everything Etsy is running a blog party with free advertising for the prize! Oh how I'd LOVE to win! Here are the beginnings of this weeks item for my shop. Transforming a tin can into a doll.

I hope I'm doing this right! :0)

Even the Easter Bunny recycles!

Easter brings lots of eggs and egg shells, so put those shells to good use!

"Egg shells can be used to provide a valuable source of calcium for growing plants and to aid in deterring pests without the use of chemicals in a vegetable garden." ~Organic Gardens

Trials of Treasuries

The ever coveted Etsy Treasury is as elusive as the endangered Alabama Cave Shrimp!  As a still considered "newby" to Etsy and the daunting task of acquiring a treasury, I learned a few tricks today thanks to a fellow team member on the  Etsy's Recyclers Guild Team.

They may be secrets, but I'm no good at keeping secrets, well unless it's something personal a friend tells me, then that's different.

Did you know there's an Etsy Treasury CLOCK!?
It's really cool, I don't do military time,  but the visual is a quick indicator of when there will be an open treasury. Saves from going back and refreshing a gazillion times.

Another secret! Did you know there are two treasury locations? The main treasury must be below 333 for a new spot to open up, the other "secret" treasury called Treasury West has a fill of 222 lists. Treasury West's url can be gotten to via the Treasury Clock.

Yea this makes more competition for me to get another treasury, but heck it's all fun!

I created my first treasury earlier this week and was thrilled! I wanted to add my one "allowed" item which is a favorite of mine and new to my shop, Tweet Tweet Blue Bird, so my treasury list was of all handmade blue birds. I found SO many adorable, beautiful and cute items. My treasury had a good amount of comments and views, small compared to others, but I was pleased. One of the featured sellers even had a sale! Sadly it wasn't me :0( but I'm holding out hope for the next one :0)

After an hour and a half of going through team member's shops and selecting items I like, I now have a list of items prepared for my next (2nd) treasury.


One of the most beautiful items in my list is this gorgeous bracelet by mwgregory

my art in a New York exhibit! for Earth Day

Last year I was laid off from my job, to save money I got online to find coupons on things I purchase. One of the sites I went to was, and signed up to get coupons for cat food for my 2 kitties.  Like most sites you register on, they send out the occasional newsletter, which I hardly ever read, but one particular one I did, and SO glad I did!

Friskies wrote a blog post  asking for entries in an art project (Together We Can) to promote recycling. The objective was to create cat inspired art out of (empty, clean, Friskies of course) cat food cans. I applied, was accepted and started cooking my idea. By the time I read the guidelines I had my idea all worked out and knew just what I wanted to do, although the guidelines didn't fit with my idea. So I had to rethink the whole thing, which I wasn't too happy about and almost backed out of it. One of the guidelines was that you had to use 10 cat food cans. My idea only consisted of 3 cans, and it took me about a week to figure out how the heck I was going to incorporate 7 more without changing my whole design.

We were allowed to use Fancy Feast cans too, so I took 7 cans and just started playing with them, like children's building blocks. I arranged them and rearranged them some more, until I finally saw it! A sand castle!

The idea was purrrrfect! and fit right in with my beach theme.

I worked on this project for a few weeks and had some heart pangs when I had to give them up and ship them off to New York.

I'll see them again in the RePURRposed gallery event on Earth Day - April 14 in New York! I'm SOOO excited!

You can see more photos of my cats here: my flickr pics

And I'll be sure to update here after the show!

my creative process

Sometimes my ideas have to cook a while, upstairs. I'll think on an idea for a good while sometimes before I actually start it. At times the ideas, the process of HOW to make something work will come together quickly, other times I sit ideas on the shelf and as new ideas come I put them together in my head.

I used to hate it in college when we had to sketch out our ideas first, I just don't work like that.
I usually come up with more ideas while I'm working, like when I made Beanie the CANimal elephant. At first she was just going to have a decorative tapestry on her back, but THEN I thought, "No! this needs to be functional!" So I turned it into a wallet.

well here I am

 I gave in and decided to do a blog. My posts will probably be very short, unless I pull out a monkey and have the urge to really write, which is rare.

Yesterday my beautiful 7 year old niece modeled some of my handmade purses for me, so those items in my shop now have new and improved photos.

She has the week off from school for Spring break, so she came to hang out with her favorite Aunt for a few days. I fell way behind on my crafting and online stuff, but we had a blast! We made a scrap book for her, worked on her hook-latch rug, went to a local park and walked the beach, and colored the black top drive way with sidewalk chalk.