Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Busy Bee

With summertime my creativity has taken on new directions. It all started with finding a really cool piece of driftwood while walking on a nearby beach. That one piece led me to a whole bunch of new ideas! I'm enjoying creating art from my growing collection of driftwood and including mixed media such as beads, wire, and glass pebbles. I'm finding that recycling driftwood is a very versatile medium! Since there's a lot of wood chips and dust from carving and sanding, I'm working outside in the screen house. Picnic table covered in art supplies; paints, wood carving tools, beads, wire... me covered in wood dust and sweat, and my days off go too too fast!

I've always been interested in learning how to wood carve, so last week I tried my hand at it with a piece of driftwood. I carved the body, did a little pyrography for details, and added wire and glass bead for wings. He turned out quite cute if I must say so myself. Since then I've also done a butterfly, and a more involved carving of a hummingbird.

Cobalt Blue Dragonfly-Driftwood

Carved Driftwood Hummingbird

I've checked out other sellers on Etsy who use the driftwood tag, and found some beautiful work, but it seems no one coats their pieces with a finish... ? I started out using Polyurethane THEN realized it doesn't protect for outdoor display. I've since switched to Minwax Helmsman Spar Urethane which is specifically for exterior wood, and this stuff ain't cheep! Driftwood that isn't hard all the way through soaks it up like a sponge, therefore some pieces need several coats. On those works my prices reflect the added protection. I try to construct each piece so that it will last and provide my customers with many years of enjoyment.

As my ideas and creations evolve I hope to be found by customers who appreciate true one of a kind art that's nature based, often whimsical and always unique. :0)

Thus far I've had 9 sales in my Etsy shop! WHOOO HOOOO! To celebrate my 10th sale, that customer will receive 10% off their purchase (not including shipping).

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