Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Artist Interview with Wendy Hannaford ~ TWC RePURRposed Gallery

Wendy was the first Artist I met outside of the RePURRposed Gallery. She and Kira had arrived early, we waited with excitement until we were welcomed inside by Brittany, one of the talented event organizers and our contact person. Although my sister Karen and I only traveled 3 hours to New York from Baltimore, it felt like a long journey to me until Wendy said she flew in from California. Here we are just inside the gallery space, our excitement is VERY contained! :0)

How did you hear about the Together We Can project?

I heard about the Together we can project with the casting call on the Friskies site.

Where did you travel from to attend the gallery event?

I traveled from Carlsbad California to attend the event.

Has your art been in a gallery show before?

Yes My art has been in a Show, but not in NYC!

Had you previously used recyclable materials in your art or was this a whole new medium for you?

Yes this was a whole new medium for me, but I have been wanting and thinking of doing this for a long time (I just didn't think it would be Cat food cans!! SMILE)

How many cat food cans did you use to create your piece?

I used About 38 cans.

I'm a big fan of anything symmetrical. Wendy's use of the repeated flowers in a symmetrical pattern  is easy and relaxing on the eyes. It's so pretty! and I love the embellishment with feathers and rhinestones. They really add a royalty spoiled feel to the white cat.

How did you choose the idea for the art you submitted?

I wrote out about four pages of idea's to start, but as I started to lay them out in different configurations, I just loved the flower's, and thought it was perfect since the idea is to preserve and protect nature by recycling the pet food cans "Leave only Paw Print's".

What other efforts do you make to decrease your carbon footprint?

I recycle, reuse, re-purpose everything, buy used when ever its appropriate, have a mulch pile in my garden, buy local at the farmers market when I can (or grow my own). I have energy star appliance's, and energy fluorescent light bulb's in my home. I would love to have solar panels and an electric car, but haven't gotten there yet!

What are your current adventures as an Artist?

Right now I am writing a book on Nature and Fantasy crafts.

Describe yourself using 5 words.

ME using five words? Creator, designer, heart, mind, soul.

Who or what influences your art?

The earth, all living things and ecosystems, beauty, fantasy, colors, joy and spirit. Sometimes its a message.

How has this experience affected you?

I loved the Together We Can  experience from start to finish. I will do more recycled art, and do some of the things I thought about before. I also think I will make some recycled art for my home!! Starting with a cat food can art piece for my living room above the fireplace! And I will add some recycle choice's into my book as well. I was raised in the Sierra club, hiking camping, canoeing, kayaking in the mountains and on the beach. I hiked the entire John Muir Trail by the time I was 12. I was raised with "Leave only foot prints" When you spend a lot of time outdoors you really realize how your actions affect the animals and nature.

It was  a real pleasure meeting and talking with you Wendy, and thanks so much for allowing me to interview you. Good luck with your book, be sure to let us know when it's published! I am certainly interested in reading it, as some of my art leans toward fantasy, and Nature is a very prevalent muse. I look forward to and hope you share any future art you create with cat food cans! :0)

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