Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Juggling Time

My new job is going wonderful! It's the most rewarding and meaningful employment I've ever had. Yesterday was my last day of training, today I fly on my own. My exit training review was excellent which adds to my confidence, however I'm a tad bit nervous about keeping an eye on the time throughout the day, as I have three sessions today and don't want to be late.

I've not given up on my own art :0) as usual I have several things going at once. One piece that I'm excited to complete is a transformed cigar box into a wall clock. No pics yet, but it will have repurposed tin with embossing, inlaid into the wood on the sides.

I've made a few more chunky rings, but haven't listed them yet in my Etsy shop, I do have pics of those so I'll give you a sneak peek :0)

Also in the works are a few carvings, a few wood cigar boxes, and I'm trying out carving driftwood. My goal is to make a gnome for Dad as a Father's Day gift. My practice piece is pretty small, so I think I need to find a much larger piece and then it will be easier to get detail.

Time to get ready for work! Have a great Tuesday everyone! :0)

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  1. Dear Cherri,

    I am so happy for you regarding your new job. You have so much love and passion to give those that need it the most - I am always amazed how we treat our seniors, and with you they will have a powerful voice.

    Your art is wonderous. I see some of the things you do, and I am almost spellbound because its as if you have read my mind regarding a new piece for my gardens.

    I love your blog - it is cherry, and without fail always makes me smile - I just wish I had more disposable cash - a- roo!

    Great job,


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