Wednesday, May 5, 2010

High on Life!

Well I've sure been caught up in a whirlwind of activity lately! Right after my return from the RePURRPosed Gallery event, I interviewed for a job that I was praying hard I'd get. My first day was this Monday. My title is Art Therapy Specialist, and I am in love!

There have been previous jobs that I liked ok, enjoyed aspects of it, and then there were those I ended up hating with a vengeance. This is my dream job! I'm working with the elderly in retirement homes, rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. I conduct art therapy workshops at 7 different facilities, three days a week. This month the project is painting in a monochromatic theme (one color mixed with black and white to create different shades)

Already I am learning things from these sweet people that I can't even put into words quite yet, but will as soon as I can! Despite their medical conditions or level of functioning, most all of them have a willing smile, share their humor and show their appreciation in such meaningful ways. I feel so very blessed to have this job, particularly because of it's bottom line purpose; to bring joy, relaxation and pleasure to these people's day.

I've always believed that you can learn so much from the elderly, after all they've been around a while and have seen many things. I look forward to sharing and passing on gifts of inspiration as I receive them.

Now that I've written my update, I'm off to format two Artist interviews for publishing here on my blog. They'll be posted soon, so keep an eye out :0)

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