Sunday, April 18, 2010

Featured on Etsy's Storque Blog!

neonmorgan of the Etsy Community department, (specifically with the Teams section) wrote a fabulous article for the Storque "Etsy Teams GO GREEN"! Myself, Bottlehood and Ira Mency our Recyclers Guild team leader are featured in her article. More great "green" teams are in the article as well, check it out for some great recycling inspiration!

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  1. Thanks for your response to my post on "Fork in the Road"... I checked out your store, I love your concepts and have bookmarked it to return there when I have more "discretionary income" and am not fighting with medical providers about deductibles, etc. Your words were encouraging, and I thoroughly enjoy your blog here and your passion for art and recycling... TOO much fun, you'd be a hoot I can tell.... LaDean


Thanks for your comment :0)