Saturday, April 17, 2010

RePURRposed Gallery (part 2)

My sister Karen and I took a taxi part of the way toward SoHo where the event was being held. I've never visited New York as an adult, so we did a LOT of walking so I could really experience the city up close. Hell on the feet but WOW! SoHo was such a cool area, I knew instantly that one day I'll have to return and explore it more!

Part of me wanted to linger and take photos, peek in the interesting shops along the way, yet at the same time I wanted to speed walk right to Mulberry Street. I've been SO excited for weeks now in anticipation of this event, I just couldn't wait to get there! Brittany really upped the excitement when she called to confirm our attendance and teased that there would be some surprises!

We knew we had arrived as soon as we saw the chalk paw prints on the sidewalk out front of the building. Such a clever idea! They really did think of everything!

We arrived about fifteen minutes early, just enough time to sit around the corner and change out of our sneakers. I wondered the whole time I was there HOW women can walk around NYC in high heels and not break their necks!??  While we waited out front we watched the activity inside. Photographers taking photos of the art, last minute details being put into place, and THERE! just down the steps on the next level, in the middle I saw MY CATS! They are so brightly colored they loudly meowed, "Here I am!" 

Outside we met a few of the other Artists participating in the gallery. Local Artist Kira Alexis Kuck accompanied by her Dad, and Wendy Hannaford who traveled all the way from California! We snapped a few photos by the window display, and before we knew it, Brittany Allan was greeting us and we were going inside.

Here I am with fellow participating Artist, Wendy Hannaford just after we put our name tags on. Posing in a respectable manner was difficult when what I really wanted to do was jump up and down and yell, "OMG! I'm really here!" All the composure really disguises the incredible amount of excitement that has built up over the weeks leading to this day. 

My art has never been in a gallery before, other than the student shows I was forced to participate in during my college years. It's never fun for me doing things that don't hold importance. Like the name I use here for my blog, facebook, and Etsy shop; Cher's Passion. Art and any cause aimed to improve people's lives or our environment, are things I can freely apply my passion to. This is living a good life to me, making a difference, is meaningful and well worthwhile.

My crazy cats have made people laugh and that alone is an accomplishment of doing something meaningful. Laughter IS the best medicine. These cats hold hints of my real cat's personalities, but some of mine too. They show how silly I can be sometimes, and boldly state how much I love color. Irregardless of how "Hilarious" they are, they also tell a personal story of hardship and dreams, perseverance and love.

More coming soon! 


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