Saturday, April 10, 2010

New York Here I Come!

In just three days, no wait, it's past midnight (AGAIN I'm up late!) so two days, Tuesday, I'm off to New York with my sister Karen to see my cats!

Awww I miss my can cats! Halia was the first one I made, then came Kilikolopi (not sure that's spelled right, but it means Christopher in Hawaiian. In memory of my son. I know he's close by, I'm seeing the number 21 EVERYWHERE again! and he's happy that all these good things are happening for me, it's about time right yo! :0)

I got a phone call on Friday to confirm our attendance at the gallery event, and she hinted to some surprises! I am SO freakin excited!

I've not been to NY since I was a kid, my sister has been many times, so she's gonna show me around. On Tuesday evening we're going to see the play, Next to Normal. And early Wednesday I am hoping to get over to visit the Etsy Lab. I'd love to meet some of the folks over there and see where all the magic happens! Now that will be something cool to blog about! A fun packed few days.

Today I made a new banner (the green one with the blue butterfly on here) and avatar set for the Etsy team I belong to. Getting a lot of nice feedback on it, so decided to offer a deal for fellow ERG (Etsy Recyclers Guild) team members. Check out the discussion page on our team's facebook for more info, and I'll be posting it here soon. Ira built the page not even a week ago, and members are starting to pop on over and check it out. A few have posted pics of their shop items, come check it out!

Signing off for some much needed sleep :0)

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