Sunday, April 18, 2010

RePURRposed Gallery (part 3)

As other Artists, Guests, and Celebs arrived, we went to each piece of art and viewed them with amazement in our eyes. So many different techniques, and creative vision went into each. In the packets snail mailed to us there were a few guidelines, and coupons for several dozen cans of free Purina brand cat food. We could use 10 of any size or combination of cans so long as they were Friskies or Fancy Feast.

I used exactly 10 cans in my piece and a few label parts, but some artists used many of both labels and cans. Like Camille Olive's piece and one of my favorites! I just love all the detail and her use of the labels. Camille resides in Pennsylvania, and was there with her charming daughter who lives in NYC. Had great conversation with both of them.

For the fur, she cut the tin in strips and curled it. This must have been very time consuming and really shows how much care she put into creating this adorable fishing cat.

The gallery event was so much fun! The Friskies team had a bunch of surprises and really went above and beyond to make it extra special for us Artists who participated. Here the Friskies & Fancy Feast teams share that each Artist will get a gift basket and a $200 American Express gift card! We could choose between a FF or Friskies basket. I chose the FF basket with the glass Christmas tree topper inside. The Friskies basket had flip flops and note pads, and both baskets were filled with cans of cat food. We were also given a green gift bag with the Purina brand logos printed on the front, with MORE FREE cat food coupons! and an adorable cat toy inside.

My cats Simon & Jaz thank you for the toy and all the yummy delicious food! My sister even got a bag too! My cats never like me going away and always have a bit of an attitude when I return, so bearing gifts this time sure remedied that! :0)

I exchanged cards/contact information with several of the Artists I mingled with throughout the evening, and we've since connected on facebook. In a conversation sharing our mega fun experience, Wendy Hannaford said, "I feel like Purina took such good care of us, I feel so SPOILED!" I must agree with you Wendy!

Everyone involved was so friendly, and obviously very talented and dedicated to organize such an amazing event. It was a real pleasure meeting Brittany and a few of the other people involved after emailing and talking with them on the phone. I met so many cool people! Kahi Lee from HGTV's Design on a Dime, hosted the event and even participated with her own art from cat food cans. My camera battery pooped out before she arrived so unfortunately I didn't get any photos of her or her cool Dr. Suess-ish lamp. Google, there are pics of the event all over the place :0) and tomorrow selected works will go up for auction on Ebay! Money from the sales go to KAB (Keep America Beautiful). Read the full press release here.

More about this awesome event Coming Soooon!

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